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Our Fond Farewell
Hi Ray,
Family and I would like to thank you for facilitating the ash scattering memorial service we had a week ago out in the ocean not far from Steveston. Thanks to you and Mother Nature, the service turned out to be a memorable family event that we would never forget.
The family had undergone some very difficult time and heartbreaking experience when my mom passed away. What could have been a very sad and emotional memorial service ended up being quite a joyous and uplifting experience, thanks to the warmth of the family being together, the kindness of Captain Ray, and a few unexpected sights during the trip that we couldn’t help but smile at.”
Thank you Ray for facilitating the scattering service.
David C and Family
In Memory of Priya
Hi Ray, 
Sorry it has taken so long, but it has taken me a while to absorb all that has happened. 
I wanted to kindly thank you for all that you did for our family last September.
The hardest thing apart from losing our child was letting her go. Our Princess was 18 months old when she passed and the most difficult thing that we as a family have ever had to endure.
You showed us kindness empathy and support as we decided to let her go. You were kind and understanding to our two little boys who have had to understand a lot in a short period of time and were sensitive to their needs.
You recommended a beautiful spot and let us take the time we needed to let her go in the way that we needed to. the most amazing part and the part that allowed some of my heart comfort was seeing the Orcas after everything was done.
 The way that you circled around the beautiful flowers allowed us to find some peace. Thank you for all the sympathy, and empathy to the five of us. We will forever appreciate all the touches that this moment required.
I have some pictures I would be happy to share with you. Please send me an email and I will make sure they get to you.
Thanks again, 
Poonam and Michael
Poonam and Michael
Thank-you so much for the wonderful email. I tell your story often and people are always so touched by your story. I think often of your daughter when I am in the area that we did the service and I would very much enjoy photos of that day
Keep well…..Ray
Hi Ray,
Thank you so much for emailing back. It makes me happy that Priya’s story touches people, I am so glad you tell it as it make me feel like her memory lives on. I have attached some pictures for you, please feel to share them. Thank you again for your compassion and kindness.